Our Technicians are Here to Help You Find Automotive Solutions

From basic maintenance to repairs and replacements, our highly-trained technicians at Wilson Ford Lincoln are here to help you with everything your vehicle needs. Whether you’re visiting us for routine maintenance such as an oil change or tire rotation, need to replace your worn brake pads, or need repair work to get moving again, our service department is here and happy to help!

Oil Changes

The single most important service you can provide to your vehicle to help it live a long, healthy life is to perform regular oil changes. As oil is heated and cooled repeatedly, it loses its ability to properly lubricate your engine’s internal parts. Furthermore, dirt and dust that make it through your air filter get caught up in your oil over time, and too much of this will clog the small passageways that oil travels through to reach all parts of your engine. Consistently replacing used engine oil with a fresh batch, along with a new oil filter, will help keep your engine clean and lubricated which reduces the risk of damage over time.

Brake Service

When it comes to safety, brakes are a critical component. Over time brake pads and rotors can wear, and lines can become rusted and degrade, leading to improper brake function. Visit our dealership to have your brakes inspected and serviced so you can drive with confidence.

Tires and suspension

Responsible for keeping you headed in the right direction, your tires and suspension work together to provide grip and a stable ride. As tires become worn they will become less effective, especially in adverse conditions. Meanwhile, pot holes, train tracks, and other road hazards can take a toll on your shocks, struts, and vehicle alignment. Having these components inspected, adjusted, and replaced if necessary, is important to a smooth and safe ride.

Visit Our Dealership for All of Your Service Needs!

Our technicians love the opportunity to help our neighbors keep their Ford and Lincoln vehicles moving safely forward. Keep us in mind for your maintenance needs, or visit us today if you need immediate service for your vehicle!

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